This is a quick question. Wikipedia mentions the distinction between basic shares outstanding and "fully diluted shares outstanding". Does anyone know where I can find the count for fully diluted shares outstanding for a particular company traded on the NASDAQ? I noticed that sometimes the number of outstanding shares for a company vary considerably between different 3rd-party websites, so I figured this might be one of the reasons why. The basic shares outstanding are reported in every 10-K/10-Q, but I'm not sure where to look for the fully diluted shares outstanding... They might be in the 10-K/10-Q, but I don't know where...

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You can calculate the fully diluted shares by comparing EPS vs diluted (adjusted) EPS as reported in 10K. I don't believe they report the number directly, but it is a trivial math exercise to reach it. The do report outstanding common stock (basis for EPS).

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