I have a pretty specific (and probably strange) question.

I am in a situation where I'm currently without a bank account (due to having just had one closed), but I am responsible for paying a particular bill by the 10th of this month. It's a phone/internet bill. The company I am paying accepts funds by electronic check or credit/debit.

I have a PayPal account with $500 in it. I cannot get a PayPal debit card sent to me before this deadline. Do you know of any quick solutions? What is the likelihood that I can purchase some pre-paid card, digitally, and have it accepted? Is there anything that comes to mind on how I could have funds from a PayPal account converted to something more spendable within a few hours?


In the US you can walk into some retail stores and use your paypal to pay directly. Some of them sell prepaid debit card. By one and use it to pay your bill.

If you're not in the US - check if some local retailers allow that. I believe in the UK they have some that allow paypal as well.

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How about finding a friend with Paypal and sending them the money so they can pay your bill using a card? Withdrawals from Paypal are typically instant now.

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  • Paypal's Instant Transfers are "instant" for PayPal-account-to-PayPal-account, and only apply to transfers that use PayPal balance or bank account transfers. This does not apply to withdrawals of the PayPal balance to bank accounts. There's still a 2-3 day delay, depending on the bank. – Noah Aug 11 '14 at 16:27
  • Guess that is UK only then - here you can transfer any amount from Paypal to a linked bank account instantly, and have been able to for quite a while (12 months+ ?) – James Aug 12 '14 at 10:28

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