I wanted to know how an individual can buy a short/ulta short term fund? Do i directly approach the agent/broker and deal through them?

Like for example , if i want to buy Franklin templeton's short term fund, how do i buy them? DO i call their agent/broker and deal with them? or is there any other way. Can i buy online? I hope this is clearer than the first question.


  • Welcome SahuKahn. Can you elaborate what you are asking for, the question is not clear. You can se the edit function to edit the question. – Dheer May 15 '14 at 15:26

Simple: you go to Franklin Templeton's site for India and open an account.

Or, you can go to a broker, like Funds India that offers mutual funds from multiple fund companies. (Note: I just googled and found Funds India, I have no idea if they're good.)

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