I am trying to guess a price to sell my small business. I don't understand a thing in the perpetuity formula. Which is the correct rate I have to put on it?


In the equity markets, the P/E is usually somewhere around 15. The P/E can be viewed as the inverse of the rate of a perpetuity.

Since the average is 15, and the E/P of that would be 6.7%, r should be 6.7% on average.

If your business is growing, the growth rate can be incorporated like so:

p / ( r_g - g )
r = r_g - g

As you can see, a high g would make the price negative, in essence the seller should actually pay someone to take the business, but in reality, r is determined from the p and an estimated g.

For a business of any growth rate, it's best to compare the multiple to the market, so for the average business in the market with your business's growth rate and industry, that P/E would be best applied to your company's income.

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