I'm interested in monitoring a set of financial products (say ETFs WLOG) continually (but not continuously).

My current plan is the following. Say I want to survey the top ten Large Cap Growth Equities ETFs at http://etfdb.com/etfdb-category/large-cap-growth-equities/. Moreover, I want to supervise their Price-Earning ratio, Price-Book Ratio, Beta and other variables delineated at http://www.forbes.com/sites/johndobosz/2013/09/25/10-ratios-to-make-you-money-in-stocks/.

I'd then create an Excel spreadsheet with the ticker symbols and a column for each variable. Afterwards, whenever I want to update information, I'd research each stock individually and then edit my spreadsheet, research the next stock and edit my spreadsheet for that stock, ...

How could I do this much more productively and with less time? Xtf.com's premium version may tender this, but its gratis version doesn't and I'd be grateful for free assistance:

Screen shot showing a set of investments and the values being tracked


Spreadsheets need not be static, they can pull data from the web. This article describes the method you seek.

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