Whenever I do my taxes I have to collect all my invoices and add the date with a pen in the right corner and then sort them by date, my question is - are there any programs that can help me automate this and do this for me:

  • a) Sort my invoices by month and day
  • b) Automatically add a timestamp, preferably in color and with a box around it
  • c) Has gmail support or an API

Something like a document manager but dedicated to accounting/invoices that can easily import from gmail or outlook

I currently use Quicken, but support for that is not necessary.

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I'm not familiar with the formats you are using (I'm guessing you receive all types of formats), but would it be possible to save each received invoice to a file with the invoice date (YYYYMMDD) as the first part of the filename e.g. "20131231 blahblah.eml"


  • you can just use file sorting if you want to see them onscreen sorted.

  • you can also save the sorted listing of files in a folder to its own file.

  • it is a common printing option for software to include the filename in the top or bottom margin. (Use a 'Print to PDF' application if you want softcopies with this datestamp, instead of paper)

As of Dec 2013, Gmail apparently permits you to download/export emails - either to a local email client (via POP) or to a file (but it seems to be text only?).

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