I moved from Canada to the U.S. (California) in August 2013. I am wondering whether I can make one final contribution to my RRSP account for the 2013 tax year (transferring between Canadian accounts) to max out my RRSPs for 2013? I lived and worked in Canada for all my life until August 2013. I do not plan on touching these accounts again after this until I retire. Thank you.

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Probably a little late now but the answer to this is yes you can still purchase RRSPs for a tax year in which you were a resident and earned income even if you are not presently a resident.


As a side note if you have significant assets in your RRSPs you may still be a resident as far as CRA is concerned. The rules around non-residency are fuzzy but one of the key points is that holding significant assets in Canada makes you a resident regardless of where you live.

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