Could you please recommend some good websites/online share trading portals/brokers for buying/selling stocks in India? Some desired qualities...

  1. Low brokerage
  2. Ease of use (all transactions should be online)
  3. Availability of a web-service API for making stock transactions.

Some online brokers I am aware of...

  1. ICICI Direct
  2. Share khan


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  1. Low brokerage (If you bargain) I'm user of it and I'm getting 25paisa for delivery and 5 paisa for intraday.

  2. All transactions can be done online. Also they provide an stand alone application PowerIndiabulls, which is too good and appraised by many users as best in the industry.

  3. Not sure about it, but I think Powerindiabulls application is the answer for this. Please have a look at their website for more details.


API wise there's just one at the retail level: Interactive Brokers (India). Brokerage is high though - 3.5 bps for F&O and 5 bps for cash.

I've used Sharekhan (good, can get to 2 bps brokerage, trading client software, no API). Also used multiple other brokerages, and am advising a new one, Zerodha http://www.zerodha.com.

API wise the brokers don't provide it easily to retail, though I've worked with direct access APIs at an institutional level.


There are quite a few online brokers ...

  1. HDFC Securities
  2. Kotak Securities
  3. ILFS Invest Smart
  4. Reliance Money
  5. Religare
  6. All other leading Banks & Brokers

All of these have different pricing structure and the right one would depend on the amount of & type of trading you are doing, for example Reliance Money offer 1 paise brokrage, but with a higer anual fees, so it makes sense if you are doing delivery trades and not IPO or Day trades ... Others changes less of anual fees but more of brokrage.


Most of the Indian Brokers started offering API's to retail client these days. And NSE Exchange also supports algo trading at retail level. Currently two levels of API are offered.

1)Semi-automatic or one touch trading (Retail Traders) 2)Fully Automatic ( Dealers)

I had tested the API with a discount broker www.tradejini.com and it is good at retail level. But to make your trading systems fully automatic you need to pass NISM Series VIII certification (Dealer Certification) and have to take dealer terminals from the broker.

You also have to register as a dealer and have to take permission from exchange to run your algos fully automated. Without Exchange permission it is illegal to involve in algo trading.

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