I will be meeting with representatives of a hedge fund (doing HFT FX trading), one of whom is titled "Partner".

In the context of a hedge fund, what is the role of a "Partner"?

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The fund is a "Partnership", a type of legal entity. Partners are akin to shareholders in corporations. In non-limited partnership, each partner has executive authorities. You're probably meeting with one of the decision makers.


The general model of partnership implies that this legal entity is responsible for the overall operations of the fund. So yes, we are talking about decision makers. Limited partners are involved as much as they choose to be, which depends on their investments of course.

The structure of corporations like this one is simply obliged to have at least one GP and one LP, so even if you are not meeting with a GP, that doesn’t mean that you are not talking to a decision maker, or at least an influential partner.


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