I am 24 and have $21,000 in student loans and no degree. I dropped out of college because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and for my last quarter I took F's. Now I can't go back and get financial aid without paying full price for one quarter (about $3000). I still have at least 2 years left for a degree(math). And I don't know if I want to do that. I think I might be better fit for something else.

I am about to start working minimum wage and I plan to save as much of that money as I can. For the last two years I have been living with my parents working less than part time. However, I have been able to make all my student loan payments, because I am really good at saving the little money I do make. I want to turn my life around.

I am thinking of going to community college (I think I can get fin. aid there) and finding a 2-year program that can help me get a job paying better than minimum. I don't know what type of degree to go for though. Does anyone have advice for me?

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    2 years left for a degree(math). I would heartily ask you to consider finishing it, but I would prefer to do it only if I put my heart and soul into it. Completing it with a GPA of around 3.5-4 is much more acceptable than finishing it with a 2.5. Economy in US seems to be picking up, and I would believe those 2 years well spent will be fruitful. With a good degree even if jobs are scarce, chances of applying for a Masters or PhD with full scholarship will also be an option. Do this only if you have an aptitude for a higher education. – DumbCoder Jul 22 '13 at 14:44
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    Keep in mind that you haven't specified where in the world you are nor what interests you have other than a waning interest in Math. So what else would you like to do? What kinds of opportunities are near you? These are questions that are hard to answer without more details. – JB King Sep 5 '13 at 15:02
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    I'm not sure, but I think this borders on not really in keeping with the site guidelines, since there is no real question being asked other than, "What should I do?" and that is discussion/opinion based. That said, there probably are many constructive things you can do, and gathering information is a great first step! Could you edit your question to provide more detail as @JBKing mentioned in a comment? Maybe the question can be better focused, too. – Chelonian Sep 6 '13 at 4:28

You should consider going to take an aptitude test. It might help you figure out and focus on a new direction to take your life.

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