Using the fund managers 13F form filings you can calculate the average, minimum, and number of shares of a stock they listed for each quarter.

Looking at the data to see who buy/add/reduce/sold out AAPL last quarter (2013-03-31) and performing the calculations resulted in all their average and minimum prices for AAPL being:

Average: $467.26, Minimum: $420.05

The following links also list their average and minimum price for AAPL as the same:

source: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/t-rowe-price-equity-income-fund-buy-low-and-sell-high-apa-aapl-wu-joy-nem-sells-cag-amgn-cm238170

source: http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=David+Einhorn

Why in this example (and in general) do all 13F form filers have the same average and minimum price for a given stock during that quarter?

EDIT: @Joe Coder Guy, I thought that might be the case too. But looking at several other ticker symbols it was the same story.


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The GuruFocus Link is just reporting the high and low price of the quarter.

Price Range (Average) – The estimated trade prices. The average price is calculated from the time weighted average during the period. If no price range is shown, the trade prices are estimated trade prices, which are more accurate estimates.

AAPL: $420.05 - $549.03 ($467.26)

The numbers for the high and low match what I found for AAPL on Yahoo Finance. Keep in mind their definition uses estimate 3 times.

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