What questions to ask a prospective employer when receiving a job offer?

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There are many, given that this is a financial site, relevant questions would include (presuming they are not spelled out):

  • Pay, overtime policy and regular working hours
  • For some jobs - what are the on-call requirements, how is that compensated
  • The generalities of the benefit plan (is there one)
  • How does vacation accrue; does it go up with number of years?

Pay, overtime and on-call should all be in any comprehensive job offer. Vacation may be also. Good Luck

  • +1. On the benefit plan, specifically I would ask about: pension, medical / dental insurance, and life insurance. Also death in service - can your benefits pass to your spouse etc?
    – Vicky
    Commented Jul 7, 2010 at 15:01

Ask for a copy of all documents you will be required to sign as a condition of employment. Intellectual property and non-compete agreements (depending upon jurisdiction) may have a significant impact on your future employability that overshadow the current offer.

  • If there is a retirement / pension or other type of investment plan.
  • What kind of plan is it? How is money added to the plan?
  • When are you eligible for the plan?
  • What types of matching, if any, are available?
  • When are you fully vested in the plan?
  • If there are stock options, what are the requirements for that plan?

  • What sort of perks like association discounts are there? Can you save money on your gym membership?

  • Is there a credit union?

  • What is the pay schedule? (so you can make sure you can still meet your bills on time)

  • When do you get your first paycheck? I have a job where you get paid about a week after the pay period, so the first month on the job I didn't get a check.

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