I've heard through the grapevine that starting July 2010 GST credit cheques will be higher than usual because of this new HST? Does anyone have a confirmed answer to this? Thank you.


The GST/HST credit is a federal program meant to offset some or all of the GST or federal portion of the HST. The amounts are not increasing due to Ontario or B.C. introducing HST. The amounts are the same for all Canadians irrespective of province.

However, the GST/HST credit is still increasing, slightly, due to inflation. Here's a link to the schedule of the GST/HST credit payment amounts. Note the individual amount increases from $248 to $250.

However, Ontario is introducing the new Ontario Sales Tax Credit. Perhaps that's what you heard about? There's also a list of OSTC Frequently Asked Questions. Note in particular:

The [Ontario Sales Tax] credit is a non-taxable quarterly payment that will be issued separately from the GST/HST credit payments.


The 250 is for for a single person per year so the total of the 4 payments which would be 62.50 for a married person the benifit amount is 500 a year (4 payments) which equals 4 payments of 125 =500 I hope that answers your question


If you havent done so, open an account at cra.gc.ca/myaccount for all payment dates and scheduled payments. I checked my account and my July GST payment was 175.75 and the October, January and Arpil payments are 285 each!!

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