I will be starting a new independent contract in a few weeks. The contract requires that I work at the client's office.

Can I deduct mileage for the drive to and from the office?

I may require purchasing/leasing a second car because of this particular engagement (my wife and I only have one car). Would the answer change based on this?

Edit Note: just wanted to add that I have googled this extensively, and find conflicting answers.


If you drive from your home to work site you can not deduct the mileage because it is considered a commuting expense. Now if you have an office (not a home office) and drive to the office and then on to the client site it would be deductible.

Whether you buy or lease a car for the purpose won't have any affect on the deduct-ability (assuming sole prop or single per LLC).

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    Or if you have another job, then if you work at site A on one job, and then go the site B to work at the other job, then the mileage from Site A to Site B is deductible, but the mileage from home to Site A, or from Site B back home after a long day, is not deductible. – Dilip Sarwate Apr 7 '13 at 21:47

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