Let us assume I am a UK resident with a UK-based trading account, considering to buy Ireland domiciled ETF shares, such as VWRL.

I am confused whether I will have to pay Irish Stamp Duty of 1% or not.

The stockbrokers list 1% Irish Stamp Duty in their costs section:

However, other sources on the Internet indicate otherwise:

Who is right?

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And I messaged my broker who responded:

Thank you for your enquiry. Irish domiciled ETFs on the LSE are stamp exempt so you do not have to pay the 1% duty.

(previously I had called the and the lady on the phone said I have to pay it)

Also, I found this page which lists ETFs as exceptions for which stamp duty is not payable:


So basically while I think I would have to pay stamp duty if I would want to buy, say, Aer Lingus Group shares, ETFs are an exception and exempt.

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