I downloaded Quintiles/Deciles ordered by household disposable income (Turkey, Urban, Rural)) data from Turkish Statistics Institue. I have looked at the provided data, but it doesn't indicate if the values are in real terms or nominal terms. What is the default for such data? Should I accept it as real disposable income?


Nominal. I'm making a logical leap to say so, but I'm near certain in my answer.

The number for "regular employee" jumped from 9069 to 13707 4 years later. When looking at numbers in the US, the Real number is nearly flat over decades, rising a percent or two in a good year, 10% over one decade in good times. This average income number has jumped 50% in 4 years. I don't know of anything phenomenon that could have done this on a real basis. But 10.7% inflation over that time, there you are. By the way, you asked for the default for this data. It can go either way. It's usually stated on the document.

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