If my customer want to pay me for their trip via PayPal, what do they have to know about my PayPal account?

I already share my bank account in Thailand with PayPal.


According to the paypal UK website:

All you need to send money is an email address, or mobile number, and PayPal will do the rest. You don't even need the person's bank details.

Also, you can send an invoice with the wanted amount. The client will receive an email with a payment button, to make the settlement they will only have to fill their billing information (as if they were buying something online).

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    Exactly. My email address is how people send me money, that's it. – JoeTaxpayer Oct 5 '12 at 12:25
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    You can now also use the paypal.me service provided to create a personal easy to type link for your business – Leon Jun 19 at 12:15

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