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So, I have just been accepted at a university (UK) and being 18 I don't have much experience planning budgets and certainly not for anything longer than a month.

I'm looking for an application (preferably web based) that will allow me to plan and manage my money. What I would consider desirable in said application is:

  • Being web-based so that it can be accessed from any OS.
  • Having Android app would certainly be a perk.
  • Being time based - I want to be able to look exactly at which point in time I should have how much money - according to the calculations. I found many applications (e.g. Brightside) but they do not offer this - instead they allow you to input weekly/monthly/yearly income/outcome and calculate budget according to that. I'd prefer to be able to work more like a 'calendar'.

Mint looks nice (from reviews) but I can't access it in UK. I'd appreciate any suggestions :)

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Uh, have you tried google docs? Start off simple.

Other than that, for the moment I use GNUCash. Some day I might try to write my own, but for now it works well enough. I have a number of scheduled transactions in GNUCash, and it records them days in advance. You talk about "I should have how much money", but GNUCash offers a slightly better format: Future Minimum Balance. If you want to know whether you can spend money in an account without triggering a chain reaction, that's the number you want.

Being web-based so that it can be accessed from any OS.

GNUCash is cross platform, with Windows, OSX and Linux clients. It also supports mysql/postgres database backends, so while it's not "Web based", you can keep your data "in the cloud".

  • Care to share why you downvoted, downvoter?
    – Anonymous
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  • Whoever downvoted I don't think should have - just personal option. +1 for your efforts :) After trying out multiple websites, the closest I got to what I wanted was PocketSmith (although sadly its paid past 6 months into the future). I ended up using Excel spreadsheet (+ google drive/docs to fit into cloud base requirement). I will leave the question open for one more day; if no better options fitting the requirement pop up I'll accept yours as it's what I will end up using :) Thanks :)
    – norfavrell
    Commented Aug 25, 2012 at 2:01

MoneyDashboard or XeroPersonal are similar sites to Mint.com

MoneyDashboard is planning on releasing an Android App

XeroPersonal is also in development of an Android App

For more details about the differences between the two apps, see this Web App question

  • I have tried MoneyDashboard extremely slow and buggy beyond belief. Other than that it's not all that bad. Will check XeroPersonal and see how that goes :) For now +1 for a good answer adressing my problem :) Thanks.
    – norfavrell
    Commented Aug 25, 2012 at 2:03

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