I'm using a CC that basically gives me 2% cash back on everything. It adds up, but I have a feeling that I'm not benefiting from how often I use my card. I easily put over a thousand each month on the card and pay it off each month. I have a great credit score so what card would you suggest?

Are there any specific cards that you suggest that offer international/national air miles?


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These are my favorite credit card comparison resources.

To find the best credit card in general: http://www.creditcards.com/

To find the best rewards card based on your specific spending patterns: http://www.creditcardtuneup.com/


My favorite is BillShrink. It does best at trying to analyze your particular situation and then trying to figure out what card may be best.

MOD EDIT Looks like billshrink.com is shut down. From their site:

Dear BillShrink customer,

As you may have heard, BillShrink.com was shut down on July 31, 2013. While we’re sad to say goodbye, we hope we’ve been able to help you be better informed and save some money along the way! The good news is that much of the innovative award-winning BillShrink technology will still be available via our StatementRewards platform (made available to customers by our partnering financial institutions). Moreover, we expect to re-launch a new money-saving service in the future. To see more of what we’re up to, visit Truaxis.com.

We have deleted your personal information as of July 31. We will retain your email address only to announce a preview of the new tool. If you do not want us to retain your email address, you can opt out in the form below. This opt out feature will be available until September 31, 2013. If you have already opted out previously, you do not need to opt out again. If you have any further questions, contact us at [email protected].

Thanks, The BillShrink/Truaxis Team


Check out Creditnet or MyRatePlan. Both sites have comprehensive credit card comparison tools where you can input your usage habits and spending behavior and find which card is best for your needs.


If you're getting 2% cashback on EVERYTHING, then you've got a great card (I don't even think you can get a card like that anymore). You can get great travel rewards cards with ~2% though and that's the best deal around. Don't fall for the cards that give you things like 5% on groceries, then 1% on everything else, it's never as good and they cap the 5% on anyways.

The best rewards cards at this time are:

  • Barclaycard Arrival Plus - gives you 2.2% towards travel - chip card, much better usage abroad
  • Capital One Venture - gives you 2% towards travel

Both of these cards' points can be used anywhere, not just from their travel service. You just purchase travel from wherever, then you login, check off the travel purchases and get reimbursed. Also, they both have no foreign transaction fees (which is great if you travel with the points they give you).

There are other cards that have close percentages, but they are usually restricted to a particular airline, or hotel, or don't have as good features.

  • What about cards for those of us who don't travel?
    – user12515
    Commented Jan 6, 2015 at 1:54
  • 1
    @Michael travel cards give you the best percentages. The highest you can get with a cashback card right now is 1.5% with the Capital One Quicksilver card. If you really never travel, that would be the card for you. Rewards cards for specific businesses I would avoid altogether, too inflexible. Commented Jan 7, 2015 at 15:07
  • Good source: nerdwallet.com/cash-rewards-credit-cards Commented Jan 7, 2015 at 15:10
  • There are actually 2 cards that I know of that offer 2% on everything currently. money.stackexchange.com/questions/43305/…
    – dmikester1
    Commented Jan 15, 2015 at 18:42
  • Interesting. The Fidelity one doesn't seem great because it has to go into a Fidelity account, but the Citi one looks pretty good. Commented Jan 15, 2015 at 22:51

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