Moved to WA on Mar-end, and my last paycheck from CA was received on mid-Mar.
As a result, I've received 2 x W2s. One for CA income, and the other for WA income.

As far as I understand, given I spent less than 9 months (3 in my case) in CA, I should be considered a tax resident of WA.

Will CA refund me all of the with-held taxes during 2023?
Will I need to file a CA tax return and a WA tax return?

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You would be considered a part-year resident of California and will need to file CA Form 540NR to determine if any of the CA state withholding will be refunded, or if you owe more. CA tax is determined by tax on total income x (CA income / total income) rather than tax on CA income, so the tax will not be artificially low due to only working 3 months there. The good news is Washington state has no state income tax so there is no return you'd need to file there, unless you had significant long-term capital gains.

  • Given CA income is expected to be roughly 3/12 ~ 1/4th of total annual income, will CA tax rate be lower given the lower CA income or will it decide the tax rate based on annual income? Feb 22 at 21:20
  • 2
    @YugalJindle CA tax rate will be determined based on total income, then CA tax (but not tax rate) will be scaled based on CA income / total income.
    – Craig W
    Feb 22 at 21:51

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