In this screen capture, this person is able to bring up Nvidia's key events when doing a google query for the stock, however, when I do the same I get a lot of information on the stock but one thing I don't get is these key events, what do I do to see these?

Screen capture

  • @keshlam They didn't explicitly point it out, however, it's the exact same window format and info you get over at google.finance except that I get a "compare to" option instead of the key events layout that the person in the screen capture gets. However, I don't mind any particular website, if anyone knows of another website that displays the same the information in a chart like seen in the capture then that works for me as well. Feb 20 at 5:15

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It shows by default under Google Finance. Did you select a time period greater than 6 month?

enter image description here

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    Thank you for this, turns out this happens because I'm in a different region, changing the region to USA fixes it. Feb 20 at 18:05

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