I have a credit card with a Canadian bank that I do no other business with at all - no accounts, no loans, no investments. They sent me a letter asking me to confirm that all the salient details are unchanged, and (in bold, twice) told me I could call a certain number or come into the branch. The letter didn't say "any branch" nor did it say which branch, and since all I have is a credit card I literally have no idea which of the 10-ish branches, all at least 45 minutes from me, it might want me to come to.

So I called and after waiting on hold (the number was just the generic telephone banking number) spoke to someone who confirmed this was a KYC thing and transferred me to someone who, on being told nothing had changed, said "great, fantastic, I just need you to come into the branch to confirm that." I assured her I was not going to do that, that I had already been a good sport about two long phone holds, and that I didn't even know what branch it was. I offered to send a signed letter. No, she said, you have to come in to the branch. She didn't offer to find out what branch it was, either. Eventually I said "hey, you're the ones subject to federal regulation, not me. If you're obliged to get information from me it's on you to come up with a process I find reasonable. I've called. I'm not coming in." And she said "well, you really need to come in" so I said "I don't think there's anything further to discuss" and ended the call.

Now, here's the thing: is any of this my problem? It's not, right? They are supposed to know me. I am not supposed to make myself known. I think maybe they might decide to cancel the card, and I can handle that if they do. I like having a card that's not associated with my main accounts, so if my main card is stolen or hacked I still have a card I can use. But I don't like it enough for a 90 minute round trip drive plus however long I have to sit around waiting to meet someone for whatever purpose it is they think I have to "pop into the branch" for. So if that's the consequence, I'm fine.

Are there other consequences?

  • My guess is they want to sell you on more services. There can't be a requirement since all the stores with their branded credit cards don't do anything similar.
    – brian
    Commented Dec 17, 2023 at 19:30
  • With Canadian banks they almost certainly don't care which branch you go to. Book an appointment at the one nearest to you, if you want to visit. Commented Dec 18, 2023 at 20:33

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It is not your problem in a sense that you are not legally obligated to come to the branch.

It is your problem in a sense that if they feel they cannot comply with the regulations, they'll have to close your account.

So if you're ok not doing business with them - you're fine.

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