I was trying to buy a book from Springer in the Yellow Sale 2012. I chose to pay by invoice, without knowing what it means!?!

Further, if it matters -- I filled in: Billing address, Shipping address and invoice address with the same address, namely mine.

Further, the order summary reads that my mode of payment is: Billing

Can you please elaborate to me on what this means?

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They are going to email you an invoice, and you are required to pay that like any other bill that comes in.

10.6 The Customer shall be billed electronically for the goods and services ordered, and invoices shall be sent to the eMail address he or she has specified. If the Customer also wants paper invoices to be sent, Springer may charge a separate fee for this.

from http://www.springer.com/generic/terms?SGWID=0-40112-0-0-0

My speculation is that they offer these terms because buyers of their products might have to submit a paper bill for reimbursement or submit the invoice to a accounts payable department. You can use the service and it just delays by a few days when you need to settle up.

They will send you an invoice. On the bottom there will be a portion to detach and mail back. They might even include an envelope. You write a check addressed to the payable name on the invoice and mail it, along with detachable part of the invoice to the address they specify.


Some companies/sites allow customers to pay at a later date by issuing credit terms without charging interest as long as the invoice is paid within a certain time frame. Such kind of payment method is called 'Payment by Invoice' or 'Charge by Invoice'. Please do not forget to read the payment terms in such cases.

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