I am an expat and I travel and move to different countries quite frequently. I am working for a company that plans to IPO at some point soon.

Currently, I am in Belgium, however, I will move to the Netherlands this move permanently to be near my wife's work. As part of my agreement with my current company I will receive stock options.

My Questions: When will I have to pay taxes on my stock options and in which country? Which taxes do I have to pay? How much will the tax be?

The text is something like this but I have changed certain details for privacy reasons:

You will be also eligible to participate in the company’s equity program in accordance with company regulations. You would be eligible for 10.000 options. Your award will vest and become exercisable 25% on the first anniversary of the Grant Date and the remaining 75% in equal monthly installments thereafter, with the Options being fully vested on the fourth anniversary of the Grant Date, subject to your continued service with the Company through the applicable vesting date.

Some important information

  1. I struck this agreement while I was in Belgium.
  2. I will be in the Netherlands for about 3-5 years.
  3. I don't know when I will sell my stocks.
  4. I intend to move to Greece permanently.


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