I currently have a SIPP account with HL. But I want to transfer my account to Vanguard as the annual account fee is much cheaper with Vanguard. However I don’t know and couldn’t find any information that we can buy stocks also on vanguard SIPP platform. I searched their website and google but unfortunately I only find details about buying ETF and other funds but no information on buying stocks and the charges for each transaction. Should I presume that any SIPP provider lets us buy stocks and funds. Thanks X

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My understanding is that Vanguard's platform is tied to their products and only lets you buy the things (funds and ETFs - all Vanguard's own products) listed here: https://www.vanguardinvestor.co.uk/what-we-offer/all-products

If you want to hold other things, then Vanguard's platform probably isn't for you. Although if it works out considerably cheaper you should ask yourself whether you really need those other things.

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    Thanks for your reply. I decided to transfer my SIPP to Vanguard considering the much lower fees. I will buy the stocks from my Shares ISA account.
    – MSBI-Geek
    Nov 1, 2023 at 8:13

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