Cash on Delivery SCAM !!!! Germany. I NEED ADVICE !!!!

I purchased a Mobile phone from one person worth 1000€. We agreed on the Cash on Delivery method that he will deliver the phone through DHL COD, I agreed because I feel it is safe. And thought I will receive the phone and after checking I will pay the money to the deliverer and if anything wrong happens I will refuse to take it. And DHL will send it back or make a complaint but my money will be saved at least.

As I received my parcel. immediately i opened the parcel and there were lemons inside instead of phone. and i showed it to DHL deliverer. I asked the deliverer to send it back because I was supposed to receive a phone not lemons. She refuse to take it back and said it's not my fault and said to call on the helpline and just went.

I call on DHL Helpline suddenly and ask them to stop the transaction and made a complaint about delivery, That I was supposed to receive a phone but there is lemons inside the parcel. They said we can't do anything, contact the sender and ask what he delivered... I said his phone is off and he blocked me from everywhere... They said then call the police we can't do anything. We just delivered the product. I said at least hold the money till I make a complaint to the police. if the sender will receive Money. He will disappear and there is very less chance that the police will find him because he did everything online and printed the label at home used a fake DHL account and left the parcel in the pack station somewhere, and there is no clue behind. If DHL did not transfer money into scammer's Paypal account. He will contact DHL and Police can trap and arrest him. They don't give a shit and said sorry for that but we can not stop transferring the money to the sender. This is police's work to find the scammer, not ours. After that, I just make a complaint to the police and handed over all the proofs and the parcel to them and hoping for authorities to arrest the scammer and recover my money.

I think it was DHL responsibility as well to protect the recipient as well. its not something that happened a week or two ago, that i am complaining about. it was at the spot as I receive the parcel and i call DHL helpline. Lets suppose if there would be a phone in the Parcel and I received it but I did'nt pay or pay less or pay with fake money to the deliverer. Then they would definitely take action against me and whatever happened DHL will pay full money to the sender. But on the other hand as a recipient, I received the wrong product in the parcel and I told them immediately but DHL said they can't do anything and I am Helpless here but the Sender received full money by doing fraud. how it could be justified by DHL???

What do you think is there any fault of DHL ?? If yes can I take any legal action against the Company !!!! Is there any chance I could get my money Back ? Your advice will be so helpful. Thank you in advance

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    It could be a useful question and would be a lot more readable if you focused on the facts and removed the rant...
    – 0xFEE1DEAD
    Apr 19 at 13:14

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Contact eBay, as they have buyer protection policies. However, if the scammer was smart, they likely tricked you into making a purchase that wasn't covered, e.g. by transacting outside of eBay.


It sounds like you already got your answer: go to the police.

The shipping company was given a package and instructed to collect payment on delivery. They delivered the package and collected the payment as instructed. Anything else is not their problem and they did nothing wrong in this situation.

  • Thank you for the ans but there a something I know its a police procedure but DHL should at least give some kind of protection to recipient as well. like if I buy something and I got got scamed so they could easily settled by stoping the process and not to pay money to the sender and neither to the recipient. they should ask to go the police. but they did not do it here they said we can not do anything just go to the police. and if they release the money to the sender there is a 99 percent chance money can not be recovered because he will use Paypal and a fake identity that is untraceable . ?? Apr 19 at 0:31
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    @StephenBey you're asking them to adjudicate the dispute between you and the seller - why would they? Their job is to deliver a package and to collect a payment, not to become an arbiter of whether a contract has been fulfilled. That's what courts are for. You chose to make that transaction, knowing fully well what the risks are - what exactly did you expect to happen?
    – littleadv
    Apr 19 at 1:30
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    This is a terrible scam, and it must hurt, but this is between you, the seller, and PayPal. Cash on delivery is just that. If you want the right to inspect the goods and possibly decline them without paying, you have to make other arrangements. DHL has no idea what your agreement with seller was, other than that the two of you agreed to send the package using DHL and pay COD for it. For all DHL knows you ordered a box of exotic lemons and are now trying to get out of the deal. Apr 19 at 1:34
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    @littleadv and I'm sure in some jurisdictions, the right thing to do is open the package, inspect it, and then give it back to the courier saying this is the wrong package, sorry.
    – user253751
    Apr 19 at 16:46
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    @user253751 I'm not familiar with any such jurisdiction, but feel free to add an answer.
    – littleadv
    Apr 19 at 16:49

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