They created an USD account under my name and encash the cheque. Ask to pay TAC CODE, TAX CODE Via BITCOIN WALLET. while completing the international transfers i was prompted to enter IMF CODE AND COT CODE. Is this a scam,? thank you


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Of course it is a scam.

  1. Real banks would never allow anyone to create a bank account under the name of someone else. That would violate about a hundred banking regulations.
  2. Real banks will never demand to be paid so you can receive money. They will only demand payment under some circumstances when you send money.
  3. Real banks will not ask you to jump through any other hoops to receive a payment. When someone transferred money to you, it will just appear in your account.
  4. Real banks will not demand payment for any services via Bitcoins or other third-party pamyent providers. Real banks are payment providers, so they have no need for those. They will take money in cash, via wire transfer or just take it from your account.

Yes it is a scam 100%. Paying for weird transaction fees is a well known scam.


COT codes are always a scam.

More importantly the Bravura Financials "bank" web site was only created three months ago:

enter image description here

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