I have a 16-year-old doing some freelancing as a side gig. I'm pretty certain that the PayPal income does not meet the $20k/200 threshold. There has not been any 1099 forms from PayPal. Should any actions be taken?

The freelancing "work" is also actually 1. finding clients and 2. finding ghostwriters/designers to do work assigned by the clients. So, how to write and deduct #2 off, if possible?

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Whether or not there's any form 1099 is irrelevant, taxable income is not defined by a form.

#2 is a business deduction. If you're subcontracting some work to someone else you get their details through form W8/W9 as appropriate, report on 1099 as appropriate and deduct it as an expense in the appropriate category of your schedule C. For example, line 11. Check instructions to see if that's appropriate to your use case.

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