i am getting interested to Credit Deposit CD as i think are very low risk and give you an distribution for every maturity that can be also 3 months. I am looking at CDs because are very liquid , theoretically risking zero. If i understood well differently by Fixed Income ETF or Bond the capital will be given back, without any varation of the capital during the time you hold it. Even if the return is quite low, some banks in US gives 4% APY. I am interest to CDs because i can take one with maturity of onlz 3 months, creating me a very small liquidity. Now here the question, all CDs i found are in USA, i am in Europe. Does european banks issue any CDs and which one? An alternative to CDs which could be?

Thanks a lot

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    In the US, CD stands for Certificate of Deposit. I'm not familiar with "credit deposit".
    – keshlam
    Jan 15 at 23:21


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