I’m currently investing in US market using IBKR with 70% index ETF (QQQ, VOO, etc.) and 30% bond ETF split (only BND at the moment).

  • I’ve done this for two years
  • I’m aware that a 30% withholding tax is applied to all dividends from my bond ETF which makes the investment less attractive

My questions are:

  • Should I stop investing in US bond ETFs since the 30% dividend tax makes it less attractive? If so, what alternatives do I have for my 30% bond portfolio target?
  • Though bond is generally considered safe, my BND has fluctuated quite a lot in the past two years (20%-ish fluctuation). Currently I buy monthly with fixed amount. I wonder if I should be more selective in the time of buying, or I should continue with regular monthly buying? (dollar averaging)

Thank you!

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