I am trying to create a Google Spreadsheet to monitor my Indian stocks and Mutual fund investments. I am facing the following issues and hope someone can help me.

  1. When I try to track the 'pe ratio' of indices and mutual funds, I am getting error “Function GOOGLEFINANCE parameter 2 value is invalid for the symbol specified”. However when I try to track the pe ratio of stocks, I can do so. Does it mean that one cannot track the pe ratios of Indian indices and mutual funds? I am using the same formula in all three cases.

  2. When I try to track the 'beta' value of indices, mutual funds and stocks, I am getting the same error as above for all three cases. What could be wrong? I am using the formula =GOOGLEFINANCE(B4, "beta") . When I check the formula, by default, a space is getting inserted between the comma and “beta”. Why is that happening pls?

You can view the error in this snapshot:

error snapshot

If you need to inspect the spreadsheet, the link of the editable spreadsheet is here.

I hope you will help me out. I am looking forward to your kind assistance.

Thanks and regards,

Arvind Gupta.

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  • the space is irrelevant

  • as per the docs,

  • Some attributes may not yield results for all symbols.

  • GOOGLEFINANCE is only available in English and does not support most international exchanges.

Also note the example sheet on that page, showing "common attributes for mutual funds"; note that PE and beta aren't on it.

  • Thanks for your response. In that case, what is the solution pls? I need to track the beta & PE ratio of various Indian stock market indices and risk metrics of a few mutual funds. I have heard one can integrate various free APIs for the purpose. If it is true, can anyone kindly point me to a relevant API pls. This is the first time I will be tracking various metrics of the stock market. Hence asking. Thanks again, Arvind. Commented Dec 8, 2022 at 17:02

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