I am placing OTA (One Triggers Another) orders where the trigger order is a buy limit and triggered order is a stop loss. The quantity of the stop loss is the same as the quantity of the buy trigger order (e.g. 100 shares). However, I am curious what happens when the buy limit is only filled partially rather than fully.

E.g. if the buy order was filled 50/100, will the triggered sell orders be triggered for 50 shares rather than 100 too?

And, when the rest of the buy order is filled later, will the trigger re-execute to then place another sell order for the remaining amount?

My goal is for all the purchased shares to have an associated stop loss, even when they are purchased across different batches but for the same order.

My broker is TD Ameritrade.

  • You'd probably have to contact support to find out, I'd use all or none to ensure your trigger doesn't break if you won't be able to watch, as I've seen people mention the stop-loss falling off a bracketed order after partial fill.
    – Hart CO
    Oct 17, 2022 at 4:35


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