Is there a way to easily copy a single Invoice from one .gnucash file, to another .gnucash file?

  • Do both .gnucash files share the same origin? That means did you start off with one .gnucash file and then duplicated the file before the contents diverged? The point is, do both ledgers share the same IDs with respect to the involved accounts and vendors? Apr 1, 2023 at 19:13

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I think that the answer to this question is NO.

There probably is a way to extract the information for a single invoice - but it's not easy.

By default, GnuCash maintains your data in XML format, and stores it as a compressed file with a .gnucash suffix. You can get your data into editable form by just uncompressing it first. Then use your favourite text editor to find and copy the relevant XML tags and associated data to extract the invoice information from the "donor" .gnucash file.

Repeat the process with the "recipient" .gnucash file, pasting the invoice information in text form into the file. Close and save both files.

Sounds easy, right? It's not. It's probably going to be a finnicky, error-prone process with many opportunities to corrupt your GnuCash database.

It would be easier, and far safer, to simply create the invoice in GnuCash using the standard tools for creating a New Invoice - or, even better, make a copy of an existing invoice for the same customer and modify as necessary.

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