I am importing items to the US from Greece and selling them on our shopify e-commerce site. On import we pay approximately 4% tariff. HTS code is 7117.19.3000

Things to note: We are small business below the $30,000 CAD limit for business size. We have no nexus in Canada. The US and Canada are covered under a Free Trade Agreement for which these items would be covered if made in the US.

We sell these items into Canada. I have a few questions on tariffs and taxes:

  1. On export from US (import into Canada) with HS Code 7117.19, do we need to pay an additional tariff, even if we already paid the tariff to import them into the US?

  2. Upon shipping from the US to Canada, what country should I declare for "Country of Origin"? US or Greece?

  3. It seems I do not need to collect or pay any Canadian taxes (VAT/GST/HST/etc.) since we are below the business size limit of $30K CAD. Will my customers need to pay those taxes themselves? Or are they waived for the customers too? (I seem to recall from a shipment to Canada a few years ago that the receiver had to pay some tariffs and taxes in order to receive the shipment. Has this changed?)

Thanks! And sorry if this doesn't belong in this stack exchange. I did see anywhere better to post it. Perhaps you can suggest a better place to post this.

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