I have money in IRAs that I shouldn't take out to put into a savings account. I'd like to get a relatively safe 1.5-2% return on these, similar to what I might expect from a savings account in terms of security and return.

Are there well-established funds that I can use for this purpose?

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    Sounds like you want a money market fund. However, money market funds have no guarantee of capital preservation.
    – Flux
    Aug 18 at 11:59

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You have several options.

  • Many banks and credit unions offer CDs that can be used in an IRA. The credit union I belong to has 1/2/3 year CDs that have the same rate as a regular CD. They also have a "savings account" that can be used in an IRA.

  • Many brokerages have funds that try to do exactly what you want. They have CD's, they have money market accounts, you can even invest in Treasuries.

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