I have been on a search for companies with integrity. I have seen the (MSCI) ESG rating which is good, but I'm looking for indicators of integrity in a company separate from environmental factors.

I have reviewed the Forbes America's 100 Most Trustworthy Companies, last published in 2014. Forbes hasn't published a newer version of this list.

I'm looking for something that would take into account things such as complaints to the SEC.

Are there any indexes, formulas, or algorithms that provide a measurable rating of integrity?

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    No, there aren't. There are various ESG compliance related measures, but they don't determine integrity. The closest thing to describe integrity of a company is what is referred to as "corporate governance". There are no measures of that. There IS the Harvard Project on Corporate Governance which has a web site with a lot of articles which might be of interest to you. Sep 30, 2022 at 10:19
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    @EllieKesselman Thanks for the tip on the Harvard Project. I'll definitely check it out. Sep 30, 2022 at 17:27


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