To purchase I bond I followed the steps below:
1>Opened TreasuryDirect account using my SSN and other information.
2>Purchased a I Bond under my registration.
3>Created a new Primary Owner registration along with my spouse as My Name WITH My Spouse So I am the primary owner and spouse is secondary owner.
4>Re-assigned my I Bond's registration to My Name WITH My Spouse
5>Then I established a minor account for my child under My account ( As a linked account)

1>When I buy I Bond for my child, can I buy with new Primary Owner registration? Like Childs Name WITH My Name. So my child will be primary owner and I will be secondary owner.

2>How do I purchase I Bond for my spouse through my account. (not as Gift) Does spouse need a separate Treasury Direct account?

3>Can spouse buy I Bond using Primary Owner registration? So spouse will be primary owner and I will be second owner


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