Statement balance is $1000

Something I bought was refunded so actual balance now is $200

Am I supposed to pay $1000 or $200?

If I pay $1000, my balance will be -$800 but I don't want this to happen since I'm barely using this credit card

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    Log into the bank’s web site and aee what the minimum payment is. If it’s less than $200 then you’re worrying about nothing.
    – RonJohn
    Commented Jul 11, 2022 at 4:30

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The refund is a credit, but not a payment.

Your balance is $200. But depending on the timing of the refund, you may have a minimum payment due based on the original $1000 balance. If you have such a minimum payment due, you'll have to pay that (even in the unlikely case that it exceeds $200, because the refund is on the next billing cycle). But on the next billing cycle, your minimum payment would reflect your decreased balance due to the refund.

(I was in a similar situation years ago, where I had a refund post following my closing date that exceeded my minimum payment due. I though the refund would count as a payment, so I did nothing. Next statement, I had a late charge. I was able to convince them to remove the late charge, but lesson learned.)


If the refund is registered on your account, you should be in a position to consult the CC company and request that a reduced payment be accepted (perhaps the full balance then remaining)

In general, the CC company will accept that position without question but don't take it for granted. You MUST seek advance approval or you may well be hit with interest charges if the full amount (as shown on the statement) is not paid.

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