When looking at the ticker symbols of stocks listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX and TSXV), I noticed that there are many kinds of suffixes. For example, ".A", ".DB", ".H", ".PS", ".PF", ".PF.A", ".U", ".UN", ".RT", ".WT", etc. What do these suffixes mean? I could make these guesses: ".A" means "class A ordinary shares", ".PF.A" means "class A preferred shares", ".UN" means "units", ".WT" means "warrants", but I want to be really sure. Is there an authoritative reference for this?

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  • TSX extensions :

A-B – class of shares

NO, NS, NT – notes

S – special U.S. terms

DB – debenture

P – Capital Pool Company

U, V – U.S. funds

E – equity dividend

PR – preferred

UN – units

H – NEX market

R – subscription receipts

W – when issued

IR – installment receipts

RT – rights

WT – warrants


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