I'd like to group expenses into "fixed" (e.g. rent) vs. "variable" (e.g. restaurants) expenses in a report, i.e. probably pick a couple of "accounts" and group them somehow as "fixed" or "variable" respectively.

It seems complicated: https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports#Custom_Reports_in_GnuCash

So maybe it would be easier to export and group account (summaries) in a spreadsheet, rather than trying to get it done within Gnucash?

Open to any suggestions / ideas / solutions.


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It would be easier if you create 2 placeholder parent accounts under "Expenses", namely, Expenses (Fixed) and Expenses (Variable).

This means the Income Statement will show:

  • Expenses:Expenses (Fixed):Rent
  • Expenses:Expenses (Variable):Restaurants

Subtotals will be displayed accordingly.

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