A "sugar daddy" requested that I send him my Cash App tag (username) so that he could put me on his payroll. He told me that I would then need to verify my bitcoin and pay a small fee of $70 so that the payment roll verification can be completed and that it is not a Cash App clearance.

I am very skeptical about this. I asked him why I needed bitcoin if I do not plan on using it, and he replied "[because] you are gonna use it to complete your verification" and then told me how I need to add the $70 to my account and then purchase bitcoin.

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    Does this answer your question? Sugar daddy prepaid card scam
    – tripleee
    Nov 12 at 6:51
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    All you need are the words "sugar daddy". Yes, it's a scam.
    – jamesqf
    Nov 12 at 17:16
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    "Sugar daddy" can mean one of two things. (1) it's a euphemism for prostitution, or (2) it's a scam. If you're not doing (1), it will be (2).
    – Simon B
    Nov 12 at 18:09

Anyone who promises to pay you money but first insists that you send money someplace they direct is trying to scam you. Now that you know this person is a scammer, it is vital that your permanently cut off all contact with them. Don't give them more chances to scam you.

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