I created a new checking account in QB 2021 Desktop. I want to start the fiscal year with 9/1/2021. So I created a general journal entry with a debit to the checking account for the balance in the account on 8/31/21. But when I go to reconcile the account with the 9/30/21 statement, QB has the starting balance as $0.00. What can I do to fix this?


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The Account Reconciliation screen should show you ALL of the unreconciled transactions for that account, for the period from Day 1 (however that is defined in your system) until 30 September (or whatever alternative date you specify as the Period End).

One of those transactions will be the Opening Balances transaction dated 31 August. It's just a transaction, like all of the other transactions that you recorded for September. So accept it as a legitimate transaction on your Reconciliation screen, and the account should reconcile properly.

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