What does this symbols in preferred shares description mean? enter image description here

  • DEP SHS : Depositary Shares?
  • RP : Redemption Price?
  • NCUM = Non Cumulative
  • PF : preferred?
  • CLBL = Callable
  • PFD: preferred ?
  • Perpetual ?
  • (EXC 3/21 G6359F137) ?
  • JNR : Junior preferred share ?
  • SUB: subordinated
  • DEB : Debenture?
  • CONV DUE: Does it mean that the preferred share will be converted to common stocks?
  • RED = Redemption ?
  • REP = Redeemable ?
  • LP : Liquidation Preference ?
  • LTD : limited life preferred shares
  • FLTG : Floating rate?

Nomenclature for preferred stock symbols isn't standardized. Brokers and web sites use a variety of suffixes for non standard symbols. Read this answer for details.

In your list, the lower case "p" means that it is a preferred stock.

As for the meaning of the terms that you listed, Quantum Online is an excellent source for preferred stock information. This page provides definitions of such terms.

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