I am from India and a Monthly salaried IT employee.

My question is "My HRA limit is 20000 per month. Can I use it for a total of only six months instead of 12 months (40000 per month x 6)?". Six months is not final, maybe only 2 months or only 5 months. whatever? Please advise me.

Thanks in Advance

  • Not knowing anything about Indian tax law, my counter-question is: where does it say, "the HRA limit is 20000 per month"? Does the law really say, "240000 per year"? If so, then "40000 per month x 6" should be legal. But if the law explicitly says, "the HRA limit is 20000 per month", then... obviously 40000 per month is illegal, even if only for 6 months.
    – RonJohn
    May 27 at 15:16

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