I am not an investor and it all goes a bit beyond me and that's why the things I've found on Google on this topic don't really add up for me. Years ago I "invested" in a company that I like on Crowdcube and got some goodies out of it — as you would on e.g. Kickstarter. I also got a PDF stating that I am the beneficial owner of X fully paid ordinary shares (nominee) in the company, subject to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of said company.

The fine print:

These shares are held on trust for the person named above by Crowdcube Nominees Ltd (Registered Company Number 09820478) (or any successor or assignee) (the “Nominee”). This document is not a share certificate in the above named company and serves as a statement of beneficial ownership. The beneficial shareholder named above is not included in the company’s share register in respect of this beneficial shareholding. The Nominee shall be included in the company’s share register as legal owner. This statement is not intended to serve as evidence of beneficial or legal ownership and any questions and notices regarding beneficial ownership rights, including entitlement to beneficial ownership and transfer of beneficial ownership should be addressed to the Nominee at [email protected]. The Nominee shall maintain the register of beneficial ownership as final evidence of ownership.

Am I right in saying that I have no power with dealing with those shares that I am the beneficial owner of? Can I sell it and make a profit? Who's got the money I sent out originally?

  • Stupid question, but did you send an email to the one shown in the statement above so they could tell you the answer?
    – RiverNet
    May 13, 2021 at 2:29


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