Will U.S brokers accept a utility bill as a proof of residency-address (when opening account) if it is registered in my father's name?

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    Why not ask the brokerage itself? – Dilip Sarwate Apr 28 at 14:43
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    How would a bill in your father's name prove that you are a resident? – D Stanley Apr 28 at 14:47
  • Are you a minor (under 18 years old)? – Nosjack Apr 28 at 15:19
  • @D stanley I meant (proof of address) @ Dilip Sarwate they are too late to response @ Nosjack no I'm not a minor but I'm living in my parents house – huab Apr 28 at 15:58

Ultimately, only your broker can answer this question. I would ask them directly.

Most proof-of-residence documents require both the address and your name. If your name is not on the utility bill then they probably won't accept it. Your best bet is to provide a government ID, some sort of school enrollment document (if you are a minor or at college), or a pay-stub. Again, it has to include both your address and your name.

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