A friend of mine told me that Thai bank account has no limitations in paypal for transfers, etc. I would like to try it out and open bank account in Thailand, register paypal account for it and use it for money transfers. But the thing is that I live in other country and would like to open the account remotely.

Is this has any thing what I should take into consideration?

P.S. This was inspired by Paypal Freeze horrors %)

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    the only thing to take into consideration is: don't be American. – CQM Mar 16 '12 at 15:35

With the recent drive in AML [Anti Money Laundering], quite a few countries being signatories; the central banks in almost all countries[that matter] have put in stronger KYC guidelines. This means you will not be able to remotely open a Bank Account in Thailand. More info at below links



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