I have found out just now that my mother has lost a decent lump of money (in my terms, $55 to $70) and it couldn't have just randomly disappeared. I am kind of concerned as my mother is and kind of want to know what to do. I dont know if it fell out of her wallet, or someone stole it from her. We sadly didn't record the serial numbers so we have assumed that its gone for good.

I dont really know what to do and kind of stressed.

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    Even if you recorded the serial numbers, what could you do? – James McLeod Apr 1 at 14:13
  • I mean i guess i could report them to the bank? – Joseph Casey Apr 1 at 14:16
  • I just need a little bit of help because my mother is stressing out, and i have alot on my mind as is. – Joseph Casey Apr 1 at 14:16
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    And expect the bank to look at the serial numbers of each bill of the given denomination(s) they receive? That doesn’t seem practical, does it? Your best bet is probably the police. A police report might allow an insurance claim. – James McLeod Apr 1 at 14:17
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    Unlike other things, money doesn’t have a legal identity. If I steal your car and sell it, you can demand it back from the buyer. If I steal your money, use it in a store, and you find “your” bank notes in the store, you can’t demand them back. – gnasher729 Apr 1 at 15:19

Sorry, but there is really nothing much you can do; consider it gone and learn to be more careful.

The police might file a report, but it is doubtful if you don’t have clear info when and where it happened - what would you expect them to do? They can hardly question anyone that was within five miles over the last two weeks or so. Also, the amount is too small to be of relevance (maybe it is relevant for your Mom, but not for the general public and the police).
Overall, you can only waste many hours with police and insurance, to get nothing from it.

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