I have several prepaid visa cards with around $2 on each of them. I want to use them, but I can't find a good way to do that. I have found two answers here and here, but those only apply to physical cards. The ones I have are from Prepaid Digita Solutions so I can't use them at a physical store. What should I do with them? Is there a way to maybe add $1.83 to my Apple account or something like that?

  • What makes you think those answers apply only to physical cards? I don't think that is true. – JohnFx Mar 20 at 4:25

You can always use them as 'downpayment' for anything more expensive.

For example, at Amazon, if you buy a whatchamacallit for 25 $, you can enter all your cards one by one, reducing the remaining payment, until you use a normal credit card for the remainder.
Alternatively, you can buy a gift card for the total of all your cards, and then use them to pay it off.

There is no requirement to pay the full amount from one source.

  • Good to know! I’ll take a look. Unfortunately I already bought a bunch of gift cards with the remaining balance on them, but I’ll remember this for next time. Thanks! – Salocor Mar 21 at 2:59

Found an answer. Jimit Raithatha posted:

Amazon luckily allows you to buy gift cards for virtually any amount, down to even a dollar. Whenever i have some random amount left on a gift card, i just go ahead and buy an Amazon e-gift card with it. FYI - this works only with e-gift cards, not physical ones

And it worked great!

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