I participated in a funeral service and was given a $100 check for doing so. Is that considered income (i.e. Other Income) on federal income taxes or is it treated as a gift?

The check was written from the business. The funeral home says they do not produce a 1099.

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    Was this from the family, or, the Funeral Parlor business ? – Fattie Mar 2 at 19:44

You were paid $100 by a US business. Therefore you should report it on your tax return. If this was in 2020, then report it on the tax return to be submitted in April 2021; if you received the money in 2021 then it will be on the form you submit in April 2022.

The company will not generally send you a 1099 if the total compensation is less than $600.

Note: if your total income from all sources is small enough you might not have to file a return.


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